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Nine Mile Bar

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Crocketfuird veelage
Crocketfuird veelage centre

Crocketfuird (/ˈkrɒkɪtfɔːd/, aften /ˈkrɒkɪtfəd/), kent as Nine Mile Bar an aw, as it is aboot 9 mile (14.5 km) haufwey atween Castle Douglas (Carlinwark) til the soothwast an Dumfries til the east, is a veelage in the historical coonty o Kirkcoubrieshire (the Stewartrie) in Dumfries an Gallowa in the sooth o Scotland.[1] It is locatit on the A75 road. Crocketfuird is juist ane o twa dounsets that is nae bypasst bi the A75 , alang wi Springholm that is 2 mile (3 km) til the soothwast fae Crocketfuird.

The Buchanites war the follaers o Elspeth Buchan (1738-1791), that claimt tae be The Wumman that wis cled wi the Sun fae the Beuk o Revelation. Efter expulsion fae Dumfriesshire thay sattlet eventual at Newhouse in the veelage. A wee seemetry at the property conteent the remeens o various members o the sect.

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Coordinates: 55°02′N 3°50′W / 55.033°N 3.833°W / 55.033; -3.833