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Dabaittie Toon Hous
Dalbeattie is located in Dumfries and Galloway
Location within Dumfries an Gallowa
Population4,227 (2011 Census)
OS grid referenceNX832613
Cooncil area
Lieutenancy area
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Postcode destrictDG5
Diallin code01556
EU PairlamentScotland
UK Pairlament
Scots Pairlament
Leet o places
54°55′55″N 3°49′19″W / 54.932°N 3.822°W / 54.932; -3.822Coordinates: 54°55′55″N 3°49′19″W / 54.932°N 3.822°W / 54.932; -3.822

Dabaittie (Inglis: Dalbeattie,[1] frae Gaelic Dail bhàite meanin "droont haugh" or Dail bheithe meanin "birk haugh") is a wee toon in Dumfries an Gallowa, Scotland. Dabaittie is in a wuidit dale on the Urr Watter 6 km (4 mi) east o Castle Douglas an 19 km (12 mi) southwast o Dumfries. The toon is famed for its granite industrie an for bein the hame toon o William McMaster Murdoch First Officer o the RMS Titanic.

John Keats, the Inglis makar, an his frien Charles Armitage Brown bade at David Murray's Inn, nou The Maxwell Airms, on thair walkin tour o Scotland in 1818. [2]

The Dabaittie War Memorial wis designt bi Pilkington Jackson an wis unveilt in 1921.


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Dabaittie is a Gaelic name, recordit in 1469 as Dalbaty.[3] The first pairt of the name is Gaelic dail meanin 'haugh'. There are twa possible meanins fur the saicant pairt. The maist commonly pit forrit is Gaelic beithich, genitive singular o beitheach 'tae dae wi birks', derived fae beith 'birk'.[3][4][5] This wey, Dawbeattie wuid mean 'haugh o the birk'. The saicant wey sees -beattie as comin fae bhàite (fae bàite) 'droont', meanin 'fludit'.[3] W. J. Watson pit forrit this derivation fur Dalbate in Middleby.[6]

Dabaittie is locally thocht tae mean 'birk glen', whilk is seen in the names o local businesses sic as Birch Valley Dental Clinic[7] an Birchvale Theatre.[8] The link wi the first pairt o the name an 'glen' micht be fae confusion wi the Inglis wird dale. The link wi the wird 'valley' gans back tae at least 1955, whan the Third Statistical Account records that the "accepted derivation" is Celtic, meaning "the valley of the birches".[9]:325


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Dabaittie, Scotland, ca. 1890 - 1900.

The're hints frae Court Records that a dounset existit on the site as earlie as 1658 an it is forder mentiont in 1747. The're evidence an aa frae Presbyterie Records that hint the war a dominie in Dabaittie in 1751.

The richt beginins o Dabaittie gan back tae 1781 quhan George Maxwell o Munches an Alexander Copeland o Kingsrange (or Collison) decidit tae gie a lift til the development o the toon bi feuin thair propertie. The Maxwells awnt the laan on the north side o the burn an the Copelands awnt the laan on the south side. Ilka feu conseestit o ane piece o laan, frontin ane gaet, lairge eneuch tae build ane hous an graa vegetables an tae keep chickens an pigs. Ilk feu hid an aa the richt tae cut turfs fae Aucheninnes Moss. This wis important as fuel wis scrimp in Gallowaa, coal wis expensive, and the war nae monie trees. The feu duties brang in ane income for the lairds an gied securitie for the tenants.

The buildin o the brig ower the River Urr at Craignair in 1797 an the swith expansion o the granite industrie in Dabaittie attractit mair fowk tae bide in the toon. Bi 1810 wark in the quarrels wis plentifu, an ower the neist 30 year ane hantle o tredsmen flittit tae an estaiblisht businesses in Dabaittie. Houaniver, the wauxt population brang ither problems, heich incidents o seekness, includin cholera an typhoid, an law-an-order issues.

The day the toon his ane graetlie reduce't industrie, an maist o that folk that byd thar commute til the nearby toon o Dumfries for wirk. The toon is frequent wi visitors as its position is wiel-situatit for aiccess til the Solway coast.

Namely fowk

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  • Andrew Carruthers (1770-1852) - priest, horticulturist, builder o St Peter's Kirk. On 29 Juin 2014 the wee kirkie celebratit its 200t anniversary.
  • John Mensies Strain (1810-1883) - bade in the toon for 23 year afore becomin the first Airchbishop o St Andrews and Edinburgh in 1878.
  • Andrew Swann (born 1878, dee'd unkent) - perfaisional fitbaaer


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The toon is unner the management o Dumfries an Gallowa Council an is locatit in the Abbey waird. The toon is in the Westminster constituencie o Dumfries and Galloway is in representit bi Alister Jack. In the Scots Pairlament the toon is within the Galloway and Upper Nithsdale constituency an the South o Scotland region, an is presently representit bi Finlay Carson.


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Dabaittie is situatit in the Urr dale that maist o the easter side is kivert bi forest. The River Urr flaas frae the north southwarts til the Solway Firth an passes bi the wester side o the toon. The toon has an abundance o grey granite.


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Granite quarrelin

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Umquhile granite quarrelin wis an important pairt o the Dabaittie economie. The maist kenspeckle o thir is the Craignair quarrel that is clear visible til the wast o the toon. Tha Dabaittie Granite warks wis estaiblisht in 1820 an wis situatit in Craignair Street, follaein ane direct route fae Craignair quarrel. The industrie knurlt local aroun 1883 acause o cheaper imports frae Denmark.

Monie o the warkers lowpit the kintra til ither pairts o the warld sae as tae fun wark, ane nummer lowpit the kintra til the Unitit States tae wark at ane sister quarrel in Westerly, Rhode Island. Granite exportit frae Dabaittie gaed intil the Mersey Docks in Liverpuil, the Thames Embankment in Lunnon, various Britisch lichthouses, even as faar awa as the lichthous at the southren pynt of Ceylon Sri Lanka). Its maist famous uiss wis mebbe the Eddystone Lighthouse in southren England.

Modren days

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The toon his ane saamill, "Howie Forest Products", that employs aroun 120 warkers, an a souvenir factorie.

Maist o the folk that byd thaer commute tae nearby Dumfries for wirk.


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The toon is aiccessable bi roads fae Dumfries an Castle Douglas, an is on the Solway Coast road. Ane regular bus service sted in Dumfries traivels thro Dabaittie an Castle Douglas til the wast o the region an back. The toon akts an aa as ane minor hub for bus routes endlang the Solway coast. The toon umquhile hid aiccess til the rail network; houaniver this wis remuived in the 1960s as it wis deemt nae tae be profitable.

Museums an Gaileries

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Dabaittie his ane museum[14] devotit til the historie o the toon an the surroondin aarie. The're ane mikkle airts gailerie an aa, the Nail Factory,[15] that hosts temporar exhibitiouns, uisually o warks bi local airtists.


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