Secretar o State for Scotland

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Secretar o State for Scotland
Ryal Airms as uised bi Her Majesty's Govrenment in Scotland
Alister Jack

since 24 Julie 2019
Scotland Office
StyleThe Richt Honourable
AppynterCharles III
Inaugural holderThe Yerl o Mar
Furmation1 Mey 1707
DeputyThe Laird Duncan o Springbank
as Pairlamentar Unner-Secretar o State
WabsteidScotland Office

Her Majesty's Principal Secretar o State for Scotland (Scots Gaelic: Rùnaire Stàite na h-Alba, Inglis: Secretary of State for Scotland) is the principal meenister o Her Majesty's Govrenment in the Unitit Kinrick o Great Breetain an Northren Ireland representin Scotland.