RMS Titanic

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RMS Titanic wis an Olympic-class passenger liner owned bi the White Star Line an biggit at the Harland an Wolff shipyaird. On the nicht o 14 Aprile 1912, durin her maiden vaige, Titanic strack an iceberg, an sank two hours and forty minute later in early 15 Aprile 1912. At the time o her lenchin in 1912, she wis the maist muckle passenger steamship in the warld.

The sinkin resulted in the daiths o 1,517 fowk, rankin it as ane o the warst peacetime maritime disasters in history an by far the maist infamous. The Titanic uised some o the maist advanced technology tae haund at the time an wis faur ben trowed tae be “unsinkable” - atweel, in a 1910 White Star Line brochure advertisin the Titanic, it wis claimed that she wis "designed tae be unsinkable". It wis a great conflummix tae mony that despite the advanced technology a skeeled crew, the Titanic still sank wi a great lowse o life. The media frainesie aboot Titanic's famous victims, the leegends aboot whit happened on board the ship, the affcomin chynges tae maritime law, an the discovery o the wreck in 1985 by a team led by Robert Ballard hae makkit Titanic persistently weelkent lang syne.

Coordinates: 41°43′57″N 49°56′49″W / 41.73250°N 49.94694°W / 41.73250; -49.94694