Andrew Carruthers

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Andrew Carruthers (1770–1852) wis a Roman Catholic Bishop that serrt as the Vicar Apostolic o the Eastren District o Scotland.[1]

Bishop Andrew Carruthers, Parish Priest of St Peter's Catholic Church, Dalbeattie, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland

He wis born in Drumillan Miln near New Abbey in Kirkcudbrightshire on 7 February 1770. He parents, baith Catholics, war Andrew Carruthers an his wife Lucy Rigg. The priest an historian James Carruthers wis his brither.[2]

Carruthers wis ordaint a priest on 25 Mairch 1795. He wis stationed foremaist tae the missionary station at Balloch on the Drummond Castle estate, in Perthshire, then in 1797 apyntit as the chaplain tae the Earl o Traquair at the Stuart faimily seat Traquair in Peeblesshire, an in 1800 he flittit tae the mission at Munches, seat o the Maxwells at Dawbeattie in his hamelt Kirkcudbrightshire.

Munches House, Dawbeattie, Kirkcudbrightshire in 1797

Uisin a bequest fae the late Agnes Maxwell, wha deet in 1809, the lest o the Catholic Maxwells o Munches, he biggit St Peter's Church in Dawbeattie that appent in 1814.[3] On Juin 29, 2014 it celebratit its 200th anniversary.

St Peter's Catholic Church, Dawbeattie

He wis appyntit the Vicar Apostolic o the Eastren District an titular Bishop o Ceramus by the Holy See on 28 September 1832. He wis consecratit tae the episcopate on 13 January 1833. He wis consecratit bi Bishop Thomas Penswick, Vicar Apostolic o the Northern District o Inglan, an co-consecrators wur Bishop Andrew Scott an Bishop Kyle. He died in office in 1852, aged 84. He wis buirit in St Mary's, noo the cathedral in Edinburra.

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