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Approachin Brydekirk fae the sootheast

Brydekirk (Gaelic: Eaglais Bhride) is a veelage in the historical coonty o Dumfriesshire in Dumfries an Gallowa, Scotland.

The veelage is aside the River Annan, an it wis the concept o the Paisely Dirom faimily o Mount Annan. Biggin stairtit aboot 1822.

Excerpts fae "Our Village Brydekirk" - produce't bi the childer o Brydekirk Schuil in 2014[eedit | eedit soorce]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The oreeginal veelage wis cried Bridechaipel an wis nor'wast o whit is noo Brydekirk Mains ferm. In 1507, ower 500 year syne, it wis kent as Bridechaipel, in 1517 as Brydekyrk, an in 1660 Brydekirk. It hid its ain watter at St Bryde's Wall and the wall is there yet 500 year later.

The pownd that is growen-up wis the veelage pownd at Brydekirk Mains ferm. A body micht see signacles o the auld veelage. The chaipel hid a rochsome stane waw surroondin it, it was built in 1100, ower 900 year syne. We fand oot an aw aftore the Dirom's time the veelage nor'wast o Brydekirk wis cried Brydechapel, it wis built aroond a smaw chaipel dedicatit tae Saunt Bryde (Saunt Brigid o Kildare) that wis born in 452. In 1983 it wis excavatit bi archaeologists, an thay fand coins datin back tae 1496, an thir anes is in the Dumfries Museum.

Mains Ferm[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Bell faimily haes bade there for ower 200 year. Mr Bell shawed us the auldest pairt o the tour. We saw St Bride's Tour, it is aboot 49 fit heich. The people bade abuin and the ainimals bade ablo tae help keep the people wairm. A body coud see yet the bauks that haudit the fluir whaur the people bade. Mr Bell shawed us an aw a pownd in front o the ferm whaur watter wis teppit sae that it coud pouer teh watterwheel. Brydekirk Mains Ferm hid thair ain cornmill an Mr Bell said that his faither can mind it wirkin ower 70 year ago. Mr Bell said an aw the Quarrel, whaur the boys from the schuil likely gaed tae wirk, wis nearly aw fillt in. It is aboot a field awa fae the schuil pairk. That field is kent local as "The American" acause o its size.

Lieutenand General Alexander Dirom[eedit | eedit soorce]

A laird, Lieutenand General Alexander Dirom (1757-1830), wantit tae build an industrial veelage by the River Annan tae increase the value o his laund. Dirom makkit a great mony plans for Brydekirk.

Dirom wis born in 1757 at Bamff in Aiberdeenshire an cam til Annan whan he mairit Miss Magdalene Paisley, the heiress o Munt Annan estate. Thay bade at Munt Annan for mony years, thay haed 7 sons an 5 dochters. He dee'd in October 1830 at Munt Annan aged 74. The firs job wis tae mak the planned veelage easy tae get tae. He haed tae big roads an atween 1799 an 1800 he biggit a brig. A stane brig wi three airches gaed ower the River Annan ower 200 year syne. Noo Dirom haed fower roads that cam intae Brydekirk. He made a new road fae Munt Annan tae Brydekirk, ae mile with a yett an a porter's ludge at ilk end. Dirom wis interestit in the river tae power aw the industrys o Brydekirk includin a corn mill, an ooen mill, an a bleach field tae bleach the claith bi the sun. Dirom wis interested an aw in quarrelin fae his launds the fine saundstane fae Corsehill, an lime fae a quarrel at Brounmuir. In 1791 ower 200 year syne he tried tae bore for coal bit wisna successfu. The hooses wis tae be built bi the people thaimsels an syne a set rent wis peyed tae Dirom. He wantit haurdwirkin people tae bide in his veelage. The first sax hooses wis built bi Dirom. The hooses wis aw built tae his plan; ilk hid a slatit ruif an wis built wi limestane fae his quarrels at Brounmuir. Ilk hoose was tae be white-washt in the wear o ilka year, the cots wis said tae glister in the sun, an Brydekir wis eik-name't "The White Wash Ceety".

In 1837, ower 200 year ago, the leet o people in the veelage wis:

  • ae clergyman
  • twa clog-makkers (shae-makkers)
  • ae cooper (baurel-makker)
  • three grocers and speerit dealers
  • fower stane-masons
  • ae millart
  • ae tylor
  • ae vintner (wine-makker)
  • ae lint dresser
  • twa blacksmiths

The veelage wis thrivin bit Dirom niver completit his perqueer plan. New soorces o pouer cam alang like stea, an watter-power wisna gaun tae last.

Dirom is buirit in the Annan Auld Pairish Kirkyaird that is the buirial grund o his faimily an aw.

Coordinates: 55°01′19″N 3°16′37″W / 55.022°N 3.277°W / 55.022; -3.277