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Terregles pairish kirk

Terregles (/ˈt(ə)rɛgəlz/, 'TREG-ulz') is a veelage an ceevil pairish near Dumfries, in Dumfries an Gallowa, Scotland. It lies int he umwhile coonty o Kirkcoubrieshire.

The name Terregles, recordit as Travereglis in 1359,[1] is fae the Cumbric *trev-ïr-eglẹ:s[2] - *Trev refers til a sattlement[3] an *eglẹ:s is a borraein o the Laitin ecclesia "kirk biggin"[2] (cf. Modren Welsh Tref yr Eglwys/Tref Eglwys). James argies that the name dates tae no earlier nor the 10t century.[2]

The pairish conteens the ruins o Lincluden Aibey an the site o Terregles Hoose, aince the seat o William Maxwell, 5t Yerl o Nithsdale, the last yerl o Nithsdale.[4] His heirs becam Lord Herries o Terregles.

Tae traivel tae Terregles fae Dumfries the main road oot o the toun is Terregles Street that is hame tae Queen of the South F.C., fitbaw grund, Palmerston Park. Terregles Street becomes Terregles Road at the Summerhill aurie on the edge o Dumfries. As the name suggests Terregles Road is the road til the veelage o Terragles, aboot a forder 2 mile awa.

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Coordinates: 55°04′44″N 3°40′34″W / 55.079°N 3.676°W / 55.079; -3.676