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Keir, Dumfries an Gallowa

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Coorthill Smiddie

Keir is a ceevil pairish conteenin the clachan o Keir Mill, in the historical county o Dumfriesshire in Dumfries an Gallowa, Scotland. It is ae mile sooth o Penpont. It wis foondit in the late 18t century.

Owerview[eedit | eedit soorce]

The veelage wis the birthplace o Kirkpatrick Macmillan, the inventor o the bicycle.[1] A plaque on his hame, Coorthill Smiddy, commemorates this. He is buirit in the pairish kirk.

The kirk itsel is in the Gothic style, o Capenoch aislar, an wis built 1813-1815 bi airchitect William Burn. In 1880 a vestry wis addit bi James Barbour.

The ither namely biggin in the veelage is the Mill, built in 1771.[2]

Leetit biggins in Keir[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Porterstown Farmhouse
  • Scaur Bridge (Penpont - Kiermill Road Over Scaur Water)
  • Barjarg House Sundial
  • Barjarg House Walled Garden
  • Keirmill Village Keir Parish Church And Churchyard
  • Barjarg House
  • Barjarg House, Drybridge
  • Keirmill Village Former School And Schoolhouse
  • Barndennoch
  • Blackwood House Lodge
  • Keir Bridge (Keirmill/Virginhall Road Over Scaur Water)
  • Barjarg House Back Lodge
  • Capenoch House Former Stables
  • Keirmill Village Keir Parish Old Graveyard
  • Windsover Cottages
  • Capenoch House Bridge (Over Shinnel Water, On North Drive)
  • Capenoch House Sundial
  • Keirmill Village Church Crescent Cottages At Churchyard Main Gate
  • Keirmill Village Church Crescent Session House
  • Keirmill Village Old Manse And Gatepiers
  • Blackwood House Walled Gardens, Glasshouse And Folly
  • Courthill Smithy
  • Blackwood House
  • Penfillan Mains Farmhouse
  • Barjarg House Front Lodge And Gateway
  • Barjarg Limekilns
  • Blackwood House Former Stables
  • Capenoch House

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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