Carronbrig, Dumfries an Gallowa

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Carronbrig, Dumfries an Gallowa

Carronbrig (English: Carronbridge) is a veelage in the pairish o Morton in the historical coonty o Dumfriesshire in Dumfries an Gallowa, Scotland. The veelage is at the infaw o the A76 road an the A702 road, aboot ae mile north o Thornhill. The clachan o Enterkinfuit is juist til the north. Tae the wast o the veelage the Carron Watter flowes intil the River Nith.[1] Carronbrig Sawmill is in the veelage an it is a Category B leetit biggn, built in the 1850s for the Duke o Buccleuch's Drumlanrig estate.[2][3]

Carronbridge railwey station on the "Nith Valley" line wis locatit near the clachan o Enoch an is the site an aw o the Carronbrig railwey viaduct. The line remeens appen tae passenger an fraucht traffeck.

A namely resident is David Vernon, kent for his lang-distance rinnin an his appearance on the Chainel 4 tv shaw "Countdown".

Drumlanrig Castle an Tibbers Castle is nearby.

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Coordinates: 55°15′43″N 3°46′44″W / 55.262°N 3.779°W / 55.262; -3.779