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High Street, Lockerbie
Lockerbie is located in Scotland
Location within Scotland
Population4,240 [1]
OS grid referenceNY135815
• Edinburgh58 mi (93 km)
• Lunnon283 mi (455 km)
Cooncil area
Lieutenancy area
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Postcode destrictDG11
Diallin code01576
EU PairlamentScotland
UK Pairlament
Scots Pairlament
Leet o places
55°07′12″N 3°21′25″W / 55.120°N 3.357°W / 55.120; -3.357Coordinates: 55°07′12″N 3°21′25″W / 55.120°N 3.357°W / 55.120; -3.357

Lockerbie (/ˈlɒkərbi/, Scots Gaelic: Locarbaidh[2]) is a toun in Dumfries an Gallowa in soothwastren Scotland. It lies aboot 75 mile fae Glesga, an 15 mile fae the mairch wi England. It haed a population o 4,240 as o 2016.[1] The toun cam til international attention in December 1988 whan the wrack o Pan Am Flicht 103 stramasht there follaein a terrefist bomb attack abuird the flicht.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Lockerbie appearantly haes existit syne at least the days o the Viking influence in this pairt o Scotland in the speal aroond 900. The name (oreeginal "Loc-hard's by" means Lockard Toun in the Auld Norse. The praisence o the remeens o a Roman camp ae mile til the wast o the toun suggest its oreegins micht be even earlier. Lockerbie first entert recordit history in the 1190s in a chairter o Robert de Brus, 2t Laird o Annandale, grantin the launds o Lockerbie til Adam de Carlyle.[3] It appears as Lokardebi in 1306.[4]

Aboot 2 mile til the wast o Lockerbie on 7 December 1593, Clan Johnston focht Clan Maxwell at the Battle o Dryfe Saunds. The Johnstones awmaist exterminatit the Maxwells insnorlt in the battle, leadin til the expression "Lockerbie Lick".[5]

Lockerbie's main speal o growthe stairtit in 1730 whan the laundawners, the Johnstone faimily, made plots o laund available alang the line o the High Street, producin in effect a semi-planned sattlement. Bi 1750 Lockerbie hid become a signeeficant toun, an fae the 1780s it wis a stagin post on the cairiage route fae Glesga tae Lunnon.

Belike the maist important speal o growthe wis durin the 19t century. Thomas Telford's Cairl-tae-Glesga road wis biggit throu Lockerbie fae 1816. The Caledonian Railway appent the line fae Cairl tae Beattock throu Lockerbie in 1847 an later aw the wey tae Glesga. Fae 1863 until 1966 Lockerbie wis a railwey infaw an aw, servin a brainch line tae Dumfries. Kent as the Dumfries, Lochmaben and Lockerbie Railway, it wis closed tae passengers in 1952 an tae fraucht in 1966. The toun is served bi the Lockerbie railwey station.

Lockerbie haed been hame tae Scotland's lairgest lamm mercat syne the 18t century bit the arrival o the Caledonian Railway increased forder its role in the cross-mairch tred in sheep. The railwey produced an aw a lawerin in the price o coal, allouin a gas warks tae bi biggit in the toun in 1855.

Hallmuir Preesoner o War Camp[eedit | eedit soorce]

About 1.5 mile sooth o Lockerbie alang the C92 road tae Dalton is the remeens o the Hallmuir preesoner-o-war camp.[6] Efter Warld War II, this camp hoosed Ukrainian sodgers fae the Galician Diveesion o the Waffen SS. They biggit a chaipel fae convertit airmy ludges. It wis leetit in 2002 as a Category B biggin.[7] The chaipel remeens in uiss, praisently haudin services in the Ukrainian leid on the first Sunday o ilka alternate month.

Lockerbie war memorial, "Tower" chip shap, and toun hoose, 2006

Airchitectur[eedit | eedit soorce]

A muckle o Lockerbie is biggit fae reid saundstane. The're several imposin biggins near the centre, includin the Toon Hoose, finisht in 1880, wi its clock tour.

A bit til the north o the centre is the Drysal Pairish Kirk, wi its bricht decore't ben. The name Drysal comes fae the local river, the Dryfe Watter, that jynes the River Annan a bit til the wast o the toun. In 1887 local airchitect FJC Carruthers wis commissiont tae wirk on the Toon Hoose steeple. His design wis a mixtur o Jacobean an Baronial, an includit a cupola that wisna fauvourable received.[8]

Pan American 103 bombin[eedit | eedit soorce]

The remeens of Pan American Flicht 103 in Lockerbie

Lockerbie is international kent as the place whaur, on 21 December 1988, the wreck o Pan Am Flicht 103 stramasht efter a terrifist bomb on buird detonatit. In the Unitit Kinrick, the event is aften refert til as the "Lockerbie Disaster" or the "Lockerbie bombing". Eleiven residenters o the toun wis kilt in Sherwood Crescent, whaur the aircraft's weengs an fuel tanks clytit in a flist o fire, malafousterin several hooses an leavin a lairge howk, wi debris causin daimige til ither biggins nearby. Aw 259 people on the flicht dee'd an aw. The hale 270 victeems wis ceetizens o 20 different nations. The event remeens the maist deidly terrifist attack an aviation mishanter in Breetain.

Lockerbie Academy[eedit | eedit soorce]

Lockerbie Academy, the toun's heich schuil, becam the heidquarters for the response an rikevery bairge efter the Pan Am Flicht 103 mishanter. Subesquent, the academy, in co-operation wi Syracuse University o Syracuse, New York, USA that tyne't 35 collegianers in the bombin, estaiblisht a bursary at the university. Ilk year, twa collegianers spend ane academic year at Syracuse University as Lockerbie Scholars afore they begin thair university study. The rector o Lockerbie Academy, Graham Herbert, wis propine't in November 2003 at Syracuse University wi the Chancellor's Medal for ootstaundin service.

An umwhile scholart o the Academy, Helen Jones, wis kilt in the 7 Julie 2005 Lunnon bombins. In the myndin o her, a new scholartskip wis set up, awairdin £1,000 taewart forder eddication til aspirin accoontin scholarts fae the Academy.[9]

Dryfesdale Lodge Veesitors Centre[eedit | eedit soorce]

Dryfesdale Loge Visitors Centre,[10] umwhile a seemetry-wirker's cot, wis appent on 25 October 2003 efter extensive renovation wark eased bi the Lockerbie Trust an is mainteent wi grant assistance fae Dumfries an Gallowa Cooncil. The're twa exheebeetion rooms in the Lodge an the Dryfesdale Room an aw, that is uised as a quiet room for veesitors tae reflect. A permanent exheebeetion shaws ten history buirds depictin Lockerbie's past, streetchin fae its prehistoric oreegins tae 1988's terrifist attack an ayont. In the seemetry grunds nearby is the Lockerbie Memorial Gairden o Remembrance.

Lockerbie Ice Rink[eedit | eedit soorce]

Locatit across the road fae the Lockerbie Academy, Lockerbie Ice Rink wis biggit in 1966 an is ane o the auldest inby ice rinks in the Unitit Kinrick. I curlin it haes gien rise at Warld kemps, European kemps, and Olympic kemps in the adult, senior, an junior discipleens.

Lockerbie Hoose[eedit | eedit soorce]

Lockerbie Hoose wis biggit in 1814 for Sir William Douglas, 4t Baronet o Kelhead, his guidwife Dame Grace Johnstone, an thair childer: Mary, Catherine, Christian, Henry Alexander, William Robert Keith Douglas, Charles Douglas, 6t Marquess o Queensberry, an John Douglas, 7t Marquess o Queensberry. It wis bade in at ane time bi several different members o the Douglas faimly thro the generations. Sic faimily members include Archibald Douglas, 8t Marquess o Queensberry PC (son o John Douglas) an his guidwife Caroline Margaret Clayton (dochter o General Sir William Robert Clayon MP) an thair childer Breetish muntaineer Laird Francis Douglas, Leddy Gertrude Georgiana Douglas, John Sholto Douglas, clergyman Lord Archibald Edward Douglas, an the twins Lord James Douglas an Leddy Florence Dixie (that mairit sir Alexander Beaumont Churchil Dixie, 11t Baronet]]. John Shotlto Douglas wis a patron o sport an a notit boxin enthusiast. In 1866 he wis ane o the foonders o the Amateur Athletic Club, noo the Amateur Athletic Association of England. The follaein year the club publisht a set o twal rules for conductin boxin matches. The rules haed been drawn up bi John Graham Chambers bit appeared unner Queensberry's sponsorship an is kent universal as the "Marquess of Queensberry Rules".

Lockerbie Hoose is an important estaiblishment within Lockerbie, in the past haein awnt maist o the laund an hoosin within the toun mainly throu the Johnstone baronets an the Douglas faimily. Like the muckle o Lockerbie this Georgian hoose is biggit o auld reid saundstane an conteens aboot 40 chaumers, situatit within 78 acre o coukit wuidland, several ootbiggins, includin a gatehoose, a 2-acre wawed gairden, a croquet coort, orcharts, a helipad, and a huntin-dog pen. The property up until recent breukit a lairge stable block bit that haes syne been pairtly convertit intil a hoose wi the remeenin stables uised bi a local ridin schuil. Acause o the vast size o the property it haes frequent been uised as a kintra hoose hotel sae as tae help pey for its mainteenin an/or provide a well-tae-pass business. The hoose is noo awnt by ootby pursuits company Manor Adventure, an serves as a centre for schuil acteevity coorses an faimily adventure halidays.[11]

Steven's Croft[eedit | eedit soorce]

Steven's Croft pouer station appent in 2008 juist til the north o the toun. It is the lairgest biomass-pouert electric generator in the UK.[12]

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