Syracuse, New York

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Syracuse is a ceety in an the coonty seat o Onondaga Coonty, New York, Unitit States,[1] the lairgest U.S. ceety wi the name "Syracuse", an the fift maist muckle ceety in the state.[2] At the 2010 census, the ceety population wis 145,170, (makkin it the 170t lairgest ceety in the kintra) an its metropolitan aurie haed a population o 742,603. It is the economic an educational hub o Central New York, a region wi ower a million indwallers. Syracuse is an aa well-providit wi convention steids, wi a dountoun convention complex an, directly wast o the ceety, the Empire Expo Center, which hosts the annual Great New York State Fair. The ceety derives its name frae Siracusa, a ceety on the eastren coast o the Italian island o Sicily.

The ceety haes functioned as a major crossroads ower the last twa centuries, first atween the Erie Canal an its branch canals, then o the railwey network. The day, Syracuse is locatit at the intersection o Interstates 81 an 90, an its airport is the lairgest in the region. Syracuse is hame tae Syracuse University, a major research varsity, as well as several smawer colleges an professional schuils. In 2010 Forbes ratit Syracuse 4t in the tap 10 places tae raise a faimily.[3]

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