Dalton, Dumfries an Gallowa

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Dalton Veelage
Dalton Kirk

Dalton is a smaw veelage in the historical coonty o Dumfriesshire in Dumfries an Gallowa, Scotland. The veelage is aboot 10 mile sootheast o Dumfries an 4 mile sooth o Lockerbie.

The veelage his an 18-t century kirk, ane o its past meenisters bein The Rev. John W. Morris MA that is buirit near the soothren boond o the kirk. Several faimilies hae bade here for mair nor 150 year, includin the Byers, the Bells o Almagil), Shuttleworths o Almagil, the Carruthers o Dormont,[1] the Muarrys o Murraythwaite, an the Steels o Kirkwood. Dalton his a Thai restaurant an a public hoose, and a weel-uised veelage haw.

Aboot ae mile wast o Dalton on the Carrutherstoun Road is Dalton Pottery.[2] On the ferms aroond Dalton the're several sel-caterin, stane-biggit, haliday cots at Kirkwood, offerin tourist accomodation an walkin in peace an quate, as weel as fishin on the River Annan.

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Coordinates: 55°03′11″N 3°23′16″W / 55.05306°N 3.38778°W / 55.05306; -3.38778