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Brig ower the River Dee at Tongland

Tongland is a wee veelage aboot 2 mile north o Kirkcoubrie, in Dumfries an Gallowa, Scotland. It lies on the wast baunk o the River Dee near its inflaw wi the Tarff Watter.

Tongland Pouer Station

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The warks whaur 'Galloway' caurs wis made

Tongland Aibey, a medieval Premonstratensian monastic commonty, wis here durin the Middle Ages. The remeens o this can yet be seen thegither wi a kirk that is in a state o ruination. The River Dee is crosst by a bit dounriver by Tongland Brig, a stane airch brig biggit in 1806 by ceevil ingineer Thomas Telford[1] that wis assisted by the local civil ingineer A. Blane.[1]

Syne the 1930s, Tongland his been the site o a hydroelectric pouer station, pairt o the Galloway hydro-electric power scheme. The pouer station uised tae be appent tae veesitors durin the simmer months, bit syne 2007 this his no langer been the case. A bit earlier, atween 1921 an 1922 Galloway caurs wis made in Tongland in a First Warld War warks that employed mainly weemen prentice ingineers.[2] The Galloway Engneering Co. warks wis oreeginal completit in 1917 an wis pouert by its ain hydroelectric scheme on the River Dee.[3].

Syne 2004, thare his been several construction projects, wi the site o an umwhile gairage noo hame tae three new hooses. Thare is an aw several mair hooses being biggit. In 2006, street lichts wis instawed alang the A711 road that passes throu the veelage.

Namely fowk[eedit | eedit soorce]

Listit biggins[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Tarff, Old Bridge of Tarff
  • Kirkconnel Farmhouse and Steading
  • Argrennan House Walled Garden
  • Bogra House
  • Brook House, Ringford
  • Tongland Bridge
  • Tongland Parish Church (Church of Scotland) and Churchyard
  • Argrennan House
  • Low Bridge of Tarff
  • Argrennan Lodge
  • Galloway Electrich Power Scheme, Tongland Power Station, Surge Tower, and Valve House, including Boundary Walls
  • Tongland, Old Tongland Bridge
  • Tongland Abbey, Tongland Parish Churchyard
  • Tarff, High Bridge of Tarff

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Coordinates: 54°51′49″N 4°01′51″W / 54.8637°N 4.0307°W / 54.8637; -4.0307