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Sorbie is located in Dumfries and Galloway
Location within Dumfries an Gallowa
Cooncil area
Lieutenancy area
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Post tounNewton Stewart
Postcode destrictDG8
EU PairlamentScotland
UK Pairlament
Scots Pairlament
Leet o places
54°47′N 4°26′W / 54.79°N 4.43°W / 54.79; -4.43Coordinates: 54°47′N 4°26′W / 54.79°N 4.43°W / 54.79; -4.43

Sorbie is a smaw veelage in the Machars in the historical coonty o Wigtounshire in Dumfries an Gallowa, Scotland.[1][2]

It is locatit midwey atween Wigtoun an Whithorn on the A714 road.

Fermin forms the principal local industry in the aurie.

The Sorbie Veelage Haw is uised bi a nummer o groups.[3]

Sorbie Pairish Kirk, in the centre o the veelage, dates fae aroond 1755 an is a lairge T-plan structur, noo de-ruift.

Millisle Kirk, 0.6 mile wast o Garlieston, wis designt bi Alan Stewart, 10t Yerl o Gallowa.

An infaw on the Wigtownshire Railway appent in Millisle in 1876. Sorbie railwey station on the Wigtownshire Railway brainch o the Portpatrick and Wigtownshire Joint Railway that closed in 1964 umwhile served Sorbie veelage.

For mony years Sorbie hid a creamery locatit aside the railwey station, some o whase products wis aince exportit via the port at nearby Garlieston. The creamery closed feenal in the 1990s an the site is noo occuppee'd bi a granite warks. Galloway Granite his noo flittit tae Newtoun Stewart an the warks noo appear tae be abandont an in a state o ruination.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Sorbie pairish wis a 17t century amalgamation o Sorbie, Kirkmadrine, an Cruggleton. Timothy Ponts 17t century map shaws Kirck o Cruggletown.[4][5]

Ainslie's 1782 map shaws Sorby Parish an the kirk by the Veelage o Sorbie.[6]

In 1846 the pairish wis an aurie aboot 6 mile lang and atween 3.5 mile til awmost 6 mile wide, composed o 9,000 acre, o that 7,700 acre is arable wi a moderate skarin o pasturs an meidaes, 400 acre is wuidland an plantations, an the lave is muirland.[7]

Cruggleton Castle that wis abandont in the 17t century is a wheen o miles sooth o Garlieston.[8]

Sorbie Tour, ae mile east o Sorbie, wis the seat o the Clan Hannay.

Thare is an early medieval motte near Sorbie Tour.[9]

The auld places o Broughton Skeog an Broughton Mill is shawn juist wast o Gallowa Hoose, Sorbie, in John Ainslie's 1782 map.[10]

Gallowa Hoose, the seat o the Yerl o Gallowa, is a stately big hoose biggit aboot the mid o the 18t century, an situatit on the nearby coast atween Garliestoun Bay an Rigg Bay.[7] Locatit within Gallowa Hoose Gairdens is the runs o a wheen o cots. The cots merk the site o Carswell veelage that wis situatit in Rigg Bay. Whan the Yerl o Gallowa decidit he wantit tae built a grand new hoose cried Gallowa Hoose nearby, he muived the people fae Carswell.

On Ainslie's 1782 map[11] Dowalton Loch (Langcastle) is shawn tae be in the pairish o Sorbie.

In wast Sorbie is the site o Dowalton Loch, cried an aw Ravenston an Langcastle. The loch wis aboot 3 mile aroond an fae sax tae twinty fit deep that, whan soukit, wis fund tae conteen twa smaw islands o crannogs o the prehistoric woners. Five canoes wis fund in the loch. On the islands, an in thair neebourheid, wis diskivert an aw several veshels o bronze, beads o gless, vitreous glouter, lammer, queerns, whatstanes, etc. (ref. Dr Stuart's address til the Archeological Society of Glasgow, 1865-6).[12]

Doon Hill fort o sattlement is juist ablo the heichest pynt o Doon Hill, on a sclent facin the soothwast, conseestin o twa yirden rampairts wi a medial ditch, meisurin aboot 144 fit east-tae-wast bi abbot 111.5 fit thort fae centre tae centre o the inby rampairt. An ingang micht hae been in the nor'wast side. The bind an form o the yirdwark, thegither wi its situation on teh sclentin grund, place it in a cless common in Wigtounshire.[13][14]

Eggerness Airn-Age Promontory Fort is in Sorbie.[15]

Leetit biggins in Sorbie[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Garlieston, 20 And 21 South Crescent
  • Garlieston, 23 South Crescent
  • Garlieston,11 South Street
  • Garlieston, 13 South Street And Cowgate
  • Kirkmadrine, Church And Burial Ground
  • Millisle, Sorbie Parish Church (Church Of Scotland) And Churchyard
  • Sorbie, 2 Wigtown Road, The Pheasant Inn
  • Garlieston, 10 North Crescent
  • Garlieston,1 High Street The Queens Hotel And Outbuilding
  • Garlieston, Home Farm
  • Garlieston, 9 And 10 South Crescent
  • Garlieston, 5 South Street Kildarroch House
  • Garlieston, 7 South Street
  • Garlieston, 25 South Street
  • Galloway House And Park Walls
  • Galloway House, High Lodge
  • Galloway House, Walled Garden Including Gardener's Cottage And Garlieston House
  • Garlieston, 11 And 12 South Crescent
  • Garlieston, 14 North Crescent
  • Garlieston, 6 Cowgate
  • Garlieston,6 South Crescent Lynwood
  • Garlieston, 15 And 16 South Crescent
  • Garlieston, 21 South Street
  • Old Place Of Sorbie Also Known As Sorbie Tower
  • Sorbie Old Parish Church And Churchyard
  • Garlieston, 2 South Crescent
  • Galloway House, Wigtown Lodge
  • Garlieston, Harbour And Warehouses
  • Garlieston 7 North Crescent
  • Galloway House, Cruggleton Lodge, Policy Walls And Gates
  • Garlieston, 17 South Crescent
  • Garlieston,9 South Street Dunroamin
  • Sorbie, 5 St John's, St John's Croft
  • Garlieston, 15 North Crescent
  • Garlieston, 15 Culderry Row Lincoln Cottage
  • Garlieston, High Street Mirfield
  • Cruggleton Church And Walled Burial Ground
  • Galloway House, Garlieston Lodge
  • Garlieston, 18 And 19 South Crescent The Harbour Inn
  • Garlieston, 22 South Crescent
  • Old Manse Of Sorbie
  • Sorbie Former Uf Church
  • Garlieston, 16 North Crescent
  • Garlieston, 17 North Crescent
  • Garlieston, 8 North Crescent
  • Garlieston, 5 South Crescent
  • Garlieston, 3 South Street Oakmere
  • Garlieston, 19 South Street Southview
  • Pouton Mains
  • Garlieston, 4 South Crescent
  • Garlieston, 13 South Crescent
  • Garlieston, 14 South Crescent
  • Garlieston, 2 South Street Garden Walls And Outbuilding To Rear
  • Garlieston, North Crescent Garlieston Mill Bridge
  • Garlieston 1 South Crescent Torwood
  • Cults Farmhouse
  • Galloway House, Park Cottage
  • Galloway House, Whithorn Lodge

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