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The ruint windmill abuin the veelage.
Duncol Burn

Duncol (English: Duncow) is a clachan in the ceevil pairish o Kirkmahoe in the historical coonty o Dumfriesshire in Dumfries an Gallowa, Scotland. Locatit in the centre o the pairish,[1] Duncol wis a veelage in the 18t an 19t centurys,[2] an wis umwhile its maist populous sattlement. At the time whan the First Statistical Account of Scotland wis written the veelage haed atween 150 an 200 residenters.[1] By the time o the Third Statistical Account thare wis anely five hooses in the veelage.[1] It haes haed a schuil syne at least in appent in 1878 an haes a roll o 24.[3] The veelage post office closed in 1952.[1]

The name Duncol, first recordit in 1250,[4] is o Celtic oreegin, representin either the Cumbric dīn + coll[5] or the Scots Gaelic dùn-choll,[5] baith meanin "fort o hazels".[6]


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Coordinates: 55°08′N 3°37′W / 55.133°N 3.617°W / 55.133; -3.617