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Corsock Veelage Haw

Corsock is a veelage in the historical coonty o Kirkcoubrieshire, in Dumfries an Gallowa, in soothwast Scotland. It is locatit 8 mile north o Castle Douglas and 8 mile east o New Gallowa on the Urr Watter.

Corsock Hoose is an 18t century kintra hoose remodelt bi David Bryce in 1853. A later addeetion wis bi Charles Stuart Still Johnston in 1910.[1] The gairdens is appen tae the public unner the Scotland's Gardens scheme ilka Ware.

Corsock Kirk wis built as a Free Kirk in 1851-2 bi local airchitect William McCandlish. It wis stendit in 1912 bi a Gothic stane airch an chancel bi J.A. McGregor.[2]

The Lothlorian Therapeutical Trust run bi ROKPA UK is locatit near Corsock.[3]

Etymology[eedit | eedit soorce]

Corsock is a Cumbric name formt wi the adjectival suffix -awg an either cors "reeds, rashes, segs" or crois "cross". Gin it is formt fae cors it micht hae been an early name for the upper pairt o the Urr Watter, meanin "reedy place". Gin it is formt fae crois it wad mean aither "place wi a cross" or "crossin place".[4]

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Coordinates: 55°4′0.88″N 3°56′39.66″W / 55.0669111°N 3.9443500°W / 55.0669111; -3.9443500