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Dalswinton Barony Church
Dalswintoun Loch

Dalswintoun (English: Dalswinton) is a clachan in the historical coonty o Dumfriesshire in Dumfries an Gallowa, Scotland. It is locatit aboot 6 mile nor'wast o Dumfries. Til the east o the veelage a wind ferm haes been built wi a capacity o 30 MW.[1] Patrick Miller (1731-1815) the entrepreneur built Dalswintoun Hoose an ither biggins in the veelage: the stable block situtatit ablo the main hoose an the wawed gairden; the veelage; the ferms wi the haint fields; aw the cots that wis tae hoose the ferm wirkers, and, hinderly, the loch. It wis, mebbe, this ane that he wis the maist renount for, acause it wis on this loch that the first steamboat in Breetain made its maiden vaige.

The name Dalswintoun conteens the Auld English placename swīn-tūn "pig ferm" that the Scots Gaelic dál "haugh or watter-meidae" haes been addit.[2]

An exceptional lairge beech tree (Fagus sylvatica) wis situatit at the front o the nearby riggit-an-furrt-airn biggit Kirk o Scotland Dalswintoun Barony Kirk, wi the Giant Polypore bracket fungus (Meripilus giganteus) growin fae its ruits. The tree wis fellt in early 2014.

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