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Closeburn, Dumfries an Gallowa

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Closeburn (Scottish Gaelic: Cill Osbairn) is a veelage an ceevil pairish in Dumfries an Gallowa, Scotland. The veelage is on the A76 road 2.5 mile sooth o Thornhill. In the 2006 census, Closeburn haed a population o 1,119. Closeburn is recordit as Killosbern in 1185.[1] The first element o the name is Gaelic cill "cell or kirk".[2][3] The seicont element is a saunt's name, but no saunt haes been definite identified.

Atween 1849 an 1961 the veelage haed a railwey station. Awtho Closeburn railwey station is noo closed, the Glasgow South Western Line rins yet throu the veelage. The nearest stations is at Sanchar and Dumfries.

The veelage is the umwhile location o the Wallace Hall Academy, foondit in 1723 an noo sted in Thornhill. The umwhile schuilhuise, built in 1795 an incorporatin the oreeginal biggins fae the 1720s, is a Category A leetit biggin.[4]

Situatit twa-thirds o ae mile east o the veelage is Closebourn Castle, a Category B leetit tour hoose that wis until 1738 the faimily seat o the Kirkpatrick faimily.[5][6]

The River Nith is on the wastren boond o the pairish o Closeburn. The eastren pairt o the pairish conteens several hills, includin the 2,286 fit Queensberry hill, at the southren end o the Lowther Hills, pairt o the Soothren Uplands. Several burns flowe throu the aurie, an the cleuch an watterfaw at Crichope Linn, 3.5 mile nor'nor'east o Closeburn wis chosen bi Sir Walter Scott in his novelle Old Mortality as the lair o John Balfour o Burley.[7]

The clachan Gaitlawbrig, 2.5 mile east o Thornhill, is on the boond o Closeburn an Morton pairishes near Crichhope Linn.

The nearby Brownhill Inn wis a fauvourite haunt o the poet Robert Burns while he wis wirkin as an excise man or gauger in the aurie, an wis the site o inspirational events that led til the bard writin several poems, odes, etc.

Namely fowk[eedit | eedit soorce]

Leetit biggins in Closeburn[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Auldgirth Inn
  • Ballochan Linn Railway Viaduct
  • Dalgarnock Old Burial Ground
  • Blackwood: House, Cottages and Walled Garden
  • Cample Viaduct
  • Claughrie
  • Locherben Farmhouse
  • Auchenrennie
  • Closeburn Church and Gatepiers
  • Closeburn Mains Walled Garden
  • 64 Closeburn Village
  • Kirkland Lodge
  • Park Village, Limekilns
  • Shawsholm House
  • Auchencairn Farmhouse and Steading
  • Cample Mill
  • Closeburn Mains (formerly Closeburn Hall Stables)
  • Closeburn School
  • Kirkbog Farmhouse
  • Kirkland House
  • Wallacehall Assessment Centre (former Academy and Schoolhouse)
  • Gubhill Farmhouse
  • Newton Farmhouse and Steading Range adjoining at South
  • Auldgirth Bridge
  • Shotts Smithy
  • Townpark
  • Closeburn Castle
  • Closeburn Castle South Lodge and Gatepiers
  • Rosebank
  • Closeburn Castle Gatepiers (to East of Castle)
  • Closeburn Old Church, Kirkpatrick of Closeburn Mausoleum and Churchyard Enclosure
  • Dressertland Farm Roofed Midden

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