River Nith

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River Nith
River Nith estuary.jpg
The estuary o the River Nith, appenin intil the Solway Firth sooth o Dumfries
Main sourceEnoch Hill
55°00′N 3°36′W / 55.000°N 3.600°W / 55.000; -3.600Coordinates: 55°00′N 3°36′W / 55.000°N 3.600°W / 55.000; -3.600
River moothSolway Firth
Basin size1,230 km2 (470 sq mi)[1]
Pheesical chairacteristics
Lenth71 mi (114 km)[2]

The River Nith (Scots Gaelic: Abhainn Nid; Laitin: Novius[3]) is a river in soothwast Scotland. The Nith rises in the Carsphairn Hills o East Ayrshire, mair preceese atween Prickeny Hill an Enoch Hill, 4.4 mile east o Dawmellinton.[4] For maist o its coorse it flowes in a soothlins direction throu Dumfries an Gallowa an syne intil the Solway Firth at Airds Pynt.[4]

The laund that the river flowes throu is cawed Nithsdale (historical kent as "Stranit" fae the Scots Gaelic Strath Nin ("dale o the Nith").

Lenth[eedit | eedit soorce]

For estuarys the principle follaed is that the river shoud be veesible at aw times. The meisurment tharefore follaes the centre o the river at law tide and the mooth o the river is assume't tae be at the coastal heigh tide merk. In Scotland this daesna general mak a signeeficant difference, except for rivers soukin intae shallae slopin saunds o the Sheuch an Solway Firth, like the Nith. At law tide, the sea ebbs tae sic an extent that the lenth o the Nith is eikit bi 8 mile tae 70.7 mile, makkin it Scotland's seivent langest river.

Pertectit auries[eedit | eedit soorce]

The estuary o the River Nith is an international important winter feedin site for waders, geese, an ither watterfowl,[5] an is for this raison pertectit at an international level as a pairt o the Upper Solway Flats and Marshes Ramsar Site an Speicial Pertection Aurie.[6][7] The SPA uphauds virtual the enteer Svalbard population o claik guiss durin the winter.[8]

The aurie forms an aw a pairt o the Solway Firth Speicial Aurie o Conservin, that is pertectit acause o the praisence o several priority habitats, an as weel as populations o sea lamper eel (Petromyzon marinus) an river lamper eel (Lampetra fluviatilis).[9] At a national level, the aurie is a Site o Speicial Scienteefic Interest an is within the Caerlaverock National Naitur Reserve.[10]

The Nith Estuary National Scenic Aurie goams the scenic value o the aurie.[11] It is ane o 40 sic auries in Scotland, that is define't sae as tae identify auries o kenspeckle scenery an tae mak siccar its pertection fae inappropriate development bi restrictin certaint forms o development.[12] The Nith Estuary NSA kivers 35,428 acre in tot, conseestin o 35,361 acre o laund an intertidal saund-and-mudflets, as weel as a forder 69 acre that is ablo law watter.[13] Management o the NSA is the responsibeelity o the Dumfries an Gallowa Cooncil, that haes producet a management strategy for the aurie.[14]

Watters[eedit | eedit soorce]

Fae up the stream tae doun the stream:

Sattlements[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Nith near Carronbrig.
The Nith at Ellisland Farm.

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