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Scaur Watter

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A jouk on Scaur Watter
Watter sports on Scaur Watter.
Scaur Watter an Penpont Pairish Kirk.

The Scaur Watter is a river that rises near Polskeoch in the Scaur Hills in Dumfries an Gallowa, Scotland.

It flowes fae its soorce near Sanchar in the Soothren Uplands an jynes the River Nith twa mile soothwast o Thornhill. The tot lenth is 19 mile. Durin its coorse it descends fae 1,640 fit tae 180 fit altitude, an forms pairt o the boond atween Tynron Pairish an Keir Pairish.

The Scaur Glen shaws several sculpturs bi Andy Goldsworthy, Bronze Age forts, an the glen is line't for muckle o its lenth wi birk forests an aik forests.

The river is weel kent for troot fishin an canoein, espeicially at the Glenmarlin Faws near Penpont. A local leegend tells o the ghaists o a horse an its rider that drount in a deep puil, kent colloquial as the Black Hole, at the bottom o the faws.

Coordinates: 55°14′N 3°48′W / 55.233°N 3.800°W / 55.233; -3.800