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War o the Spaingie Succession

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War o the Spaingie Succession
Pentin o twa men on horse
Philip V o Spain an the Duke o Vendôme picturt efter the victory at the 1710 Battle o Villaviciosa.
Date15 Mey 1702 – 11 Julie 1715
(13 years, 1 month, 3 weeks and 5 days)
LocationEurope, North Americae, Sooth Americae

Treaties o Utrecht, Rastatt, an Baden:

  • Austrick, Great Breetain an the Dutch Republic recognise Philip V as Keeng o Spain but he renoonces ony claim tae the throne o Fraunce.
  • Spain cedes territories in Europe.
  • Spain cedes the Spaingie Netherlands, the Kinrick o Naples, the Duchy o Milan an Sardinie tae the Austrick Habsburgs; cedes the Kinrick o Sicily tae the Duchy o Savoy; an cedes Gibraltar an Minorca tae Breetain.
  • Fraunce recognises Breetish sovereignty ower Rupert's Laund an Newfoundland; it an aa cedes Acadie an its hauf o Saunt Kitts tae Great Breetain.
  • Spain's centralised govrenment on the Spaingie Croun
  • Belligerents

     Holy Roman Empire

    Spain Spain lyal tae Charles

     Kinrick o Fraunce
    Spain Spain lyal tae Philip

    Mantua Mantua

    Bavarie Bavarie (until 1704)
    Commanders an leaders

    Kinrick o Fraunce Louis XIV
    Kinrick o Fraunce Duke o Villars
    Kinrick o FraunceSpain Duke o Berwick
    Kinrick o Fraunce Duke o Vendôme
    Kinrick o Fraunce Duke o Boufflers
    Kinrick o Fraunce Duke o Villeroy
    Kinrick o Fraunce Coont o Tessé
    Spain Philip V
    Spain Marquis o Villadarias
    Spain Marquis o Bay
    Mantua Ferdinando Carlo Gonzaga

    Bavarie Maximilian II Emanuel
    Casualties an losses
    Dutch Republic 40,000–52,000
    Holy Roman Empire 35,000–40,000
    Kinrick o Great Breetain 24,000–30,000
    Kinrick o Fraunce 115,000–140,000
    Spain 10,000–12,000
    Bavarie 4,000–5,000
    400,000–700,000 deid[2]
    a. Great Breetain frae Mey 1707, previously the Kinricks o Ingland an Scotland

    The War o the Spaingie Succession (1702–1715) wis a major European conflict o the early 18t century, triggered bi the daith in 1700 o the last Habsburg King o Spain, the infirm an bairnless Charles II.[citation needit]


    [eedit | eedit soorce]
    1. The Acts o Union o 1707 unitit the crouns o Ingland an Scotland, formin the Kinrick o Great Breetain. For much o the war, Scots units served unner Dutch pay an operatit as pairt o the army o the Dutch Republic.
    2. "Statistics of Wars, Oppressions and Atrocities of the Eighteenth Century (the 1700s)".