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Kinrick o Portugal

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Kinrick o Portugal[a]

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Banner o Portugal
Flag (1830–1910)
Coat o airms (1640–1910) o Portugal
Coat o airms (1640–1910)
Anthem"Hymno Patriótico" (1808-1826)
"Patriotic Anthem"

Hino da Carta (1826-1910)
"Anthem o the Chairter"
The Kinrick an its empire in 1800
The Kinrick an its empire in 1800
Rio de Janeiro
Common leids
Roman Catholic
GovrenmentAbsolute monarchy
(1139–1822; 1823–26; 1828–34)
Constitutional Monarchy
(1822–1823; 1826–28; 1834–1910)
• 1139–1185
Afonso I (first)
• 1908–1910
Manuel II (last)
Prime Meenister 
• 1834–1835
Marquis o Palmela (first)
• 1910
Teixeira de Sousa (last)
• Upper hoose
Chamber o Peers
• Lawer hoose
Chamber o Deputies
26 Julie 1139
1 December 1640
1 Februar 1908
5 October 1910
1910 (metro)92,391 km2 (35,672 sq mi)
• 1910 (metro)
CurrencyPortuguese dinheiro,
Portuguese real
ISO 3166 codePT
Precedit bi
Succeedit bi
Coonty o Portugal
Couto Misto
First Portuguese Republic
Empire o Brazil
The day pairt o Portugal
 East Timor
 Equatorial Guinea
 Guinea Bissau
 Cape Verde
 São Tomé an Príncipe
a. ^ The caipital wis de facto locatit at Rio de Janeiro frae 1808 tae 1821.

The Kinrick o Portugal (Laitin: Regnum Portugalliae, Portuguese: Reino de Portugal) wis a monarchy on the Iberian Peninsula an the predecessor o modren Portugal.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Efter 1248, it wis forby kent as the Kinrick o Portugal an the Algarves (Laitin: Regnum Portugalliae et Algarbiae, Portuguese: Reino de Portugal e dos Algarves), an atween 1815 an 1822, it wis kent as the Unitit Kinrick o Portugal, Brazil an the Algarves (Portuguese: Reino Unido de Portugal, Brasil e Algarves).
  2. Galician-Portuguese (till 16t century)
    Modren Portuguese (16t century on)
  3. Widely uised for admeenistrative an leeturgical purposes. Medieval Laitin replaced bi Renaissance Laitin bi 15t century.

Coordinates: 38°42′N 9°11′W / 38.700°N 9.183°W / 38.700; -9.183