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Treaty o Utrecht

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Treaty of Utrecht in 1713
Peace and Friendship Treaties of Utrecht
First edition of the Treaty of Utrecht
first edeetion o the 1713 Treaty o Utrecht atween Great Breetain an Spain in Spaingie (left) an a later edeetion in Laitin an Inglis.
LocationUtrecht, Unitit Provinces

The Treaty o Utrecht, which established the Peace o Utrecht, is a series o individual peace treaties, rather nor a single document, signed bi the belligerents in the War o the Spaingie Succession, in the Dutch ceety o Utrecht in Mairch an Aprile 1713. The treaties atween several European states, includin Spain, Great Breetain, Fraunce, Portugal, Savoy an the Dutch Republic, helped end the war.

The treaties war concludit atween the representatives o Louis XIV o Fraunce an o his grandson Philip V o Spain on ane haund, an representatives o Anne o Great Breetain, Victor Amadeus II o Sardinie, John V o Portugal an the Unitit Provinces o the Netherlands on the ither. Thay merked the end o French ambeetions o hegemony in Europe expressed in the wars o Louis XIV, an preserved the European seestem based on the balance o pouer.[1]

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