Kinrick o Naples

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Kinrick o Sicily
Regnum Siciliae (in Laitin)
Regno di Sicilia (in Italian)





Flag o Naples unner the Angevins (1282–1442) Coat o airms unner the Angevins
Caipital Naples
Leids Italian
Releegion Roman Catholicism
Government Monarchy
 -  1282–1285 Charles I (first)
 -  1815–1816 Ferdinand IV (last)
 -  Sicilian Vespers 30 March 1282
 -  Peace o Caltabellotta 31 August 1302
 -  Treaty o Rastatt 7 Mairch 1714
 -  Battle o Campo Tenese 10 Mairch 1806
 -  Battle o Tolentino 2 Mey 1815
 -  Twa Sicilies established 8 December 1816
Siller Neapolitan piastra
Neapolitan lira (1812–15)

The Kinrick o Naples (Italian: Regno di Napoli), comprisin the soothren pairt o the Italian Peninsula, wis the remainder o the auld Kinrick o Sicily efter secession o the island o Sicily as a result o the Sicilian Vespers rebellion o 1282.[1] Kent tae contemporaries as the Kinrick o Sicily as it wis the de jure remnant o that kinrick, it is dubbed Kinrick o Naples tae distinguish it frae the island-based polity. During much o its existence, the realm wis contestit atween French an Aragonese dynasties. In 1816, it again merged wi the island-based Kinrick o Sicily tae furm the Kinrick o the Twa Sicilies.

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