Wastmeenster Aibey

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(Reguidit frae Westminster Abbey)
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Wastmeenster Abbey
Westminster Abbey St Peter.jpg
Wastren façade
Location Ceety o Wastmeenster, Lunnon, Ingland
Coordinates 51°29′58″N 00°07′39″W / 51.49944°N 0.12750°W / 51.49944; -0.12750Coordinates: 51°29′58″N 00°07′39″W / 51.49944°N 0.12750°W / 51.49944; -0.12750
Foondit 10t century[1]
Rebiggit 1517
Airchitectural style(s) Gothic
Offeecial name: Palace o Wastmeenster, Wastmeenster Abbey an Saunt Margaret's Kirk
Teep Cultural
Criterie i, ii, iv
Designatit 1987 (11t session)
Reference no. 426
Kintra Unitit Kinrick
Region Europe an North Americae
Leetit Building – Grade I
Offeecial name: Westminster Abbey (The Collegiate Kirk o St Peter)
Designatit 24 Februar 1958
Reference no. 1291494[2]

Wastmeenster Abbey, formally teetled the Collegiate Kirk o St Peter at Westminster, is a lairge, mainly Gothic abbey kirk in the Ceety o Wastmeenster, Lunnon, locatit juist tae the wast o the Palace o Wastmeenster.

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