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(Reguidit frae Anthropology)

Antropologie is the studie o human beins. Antropologie is a social science that helps fowk learn whit wey groups o fowk is the same, an whit wey they differ in aw the airts o the warld. Antropologists dis research in mony airts an leuks at the wey fowk leeves the nou an hou they micht hae leeved in the bygane (uisin the study o Airchaeologie). They daes research in modren ceeties, wee veelage tribes, an in the landwart airts. They study whit wey thae groups o fowk conseeders time, space, life an ither things.

The fower basic kynds o antropologie is as follaes:

  • Airchaeologie - The study o relics left fae auncient societies.
  • Pheesical Antropologie - The study o human biologie an whit wey human beins haes chynged ower time (evolution).
  • Linguistic Antropologie - The study o whit wey fowk speaks an whit wey their leids haes chynged ower time.
  • Cultural Antropologie - The study o whit wey fowk leeves their lifes an whit wey they micht hae leeved lang syne.