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Computer science (abbreviatit CS or CompSci) is the scienteefic an practical approach tae computation an its applications. It is the systematic stiddy o the feasibility, structur, expression, an mechanization o the methodical [[Procedure (computer science)|proceedurs]] (or [[algorithm]]s) that underlie the acquisition, representacioun, procesin, storage, communicaition o, an access tae [[information]], whethir such information is encodit as [[bit]]s in a [[computer memory]] or transcribit in [[gene]]s an [[protein]] structurs in a biological [[cell (biology)|cell]].<ref>{{cite web |title=What is Computer Science? |publisher=Boston University Department of Computer Science |date=Spring 2003 |url= |accessdate=December 12, 2014}}</ref> An alternate, mair succinct definition o computer science is the study o automatin algorithmic processes that scale. A [[computer scientist]] specializes in the theorie a computation an the design o computational systems.<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=WordNet Search - 3.1 | |accessdate=2012-05-14}}</ref>

Its subfields can be dividit intae a varietie o theoretical an practical disciplines. Some fields, such as [[computational complexitie theorie]] (which exploires the fundamental properties o [[Computational problam|computational]] an intractable problams), are hielie abstract, while fields such as [[Computer graphics (computer science)|computer graphics]] emphasize real-world visual applications. Still other fields focus on the challenges in implementin computation. Fer example, [[programming leid theorie]] considers various approaches tae the description o computation, while the stiddy o [[computer programmin]] itsel investigates various aspects o the use o [[programmin leid]] an [[complex systems]]. [[Human–computer interaction]] considers the challenges in makkin computers an computations usefull, uisable, an [[Computer accessibility|universally accessible]] tae [[human]]s.