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(Reguidit frae Psychology)

Psychologie (or psychology) is the studie o the mynd, harns, an behavior. For ordinar psychologie studies fowk, but it whiles studies rattans or ither ainimals.

Psychologists is the fowk that practices or wirks in the field o Psychologie. A psychologist micht wirk in aither basic research or applee'd research, or gin thay are a cleenical psychologist or coonselin psychologist micht be a therapist. Basic research is the scienteefic studie o the psychologie o fowk or ainimals juist acause thay want tae ken mair aboot it. Applee'd research is the uiss o knawledge frae basic research for tae redd real-warld problems.

Psychologie haes monie different diveesions or airts o studie an practice. Thir includes behavioral psychologie, cleenical psychologie, cognitive psychologie, developmental psychologie, evolutionarie psychologie, industrial/organizational psychologie, neuropsychologie, psychometrics, social psychologie, an ithers forby.


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For tae become a psychologist, a bodie maun first get a degree at the varsitie. Syn the bodie gaes on tae graduate schuil. A Maister's degree taks a shorter time an the graduate can uise the letters M.S. (Maister o Science) or M.A. (Maister o Airts) ahint their name. A Doctorate degree taks mair time an the graduate can uise the ineetials Ph.D. (Doctor o Philosophie) ahint their name. Some cleenical psychologists wins tae a Doctor o Psychologie degree an can uise the ineetials Psy.D. ahint their name. The American Psychological Association says that a bodie needs a Ph.D. or Psy.D. for tae cry theirsels a psychologist.

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