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Militar haes twa braid meanin. Firstlins it forordnar refers ti sodgers an sodgerin. Seicont it refers ti airmed forces as a hail. Ower the yeirs, militar units haes cum in aw shapes an sizes. Thay hae been as wee as a gowpen mediaeval peasants baundit thegither for battil unner thair feudal laird or as mukkil as the invasion force creatit in 1944 for D-Day. Thay can be organised sae stieve as the impis o Shaka Zulu or naur-haund autonomous lyk the Knichts Templar durin the Crusades. Sum states - for ensaumple, Spartae or mair recent Proushae - haes e'en pitten militar pouer at the hert o govrenment.