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Sociologie (or sociology) is the studie o societies an whit wey fowk acts in groups. Sociologie is a social science.

Auguste Comte (1789 - 1857) wis the first tae uise the term. The problems caused bi the chynges tae an industrial societie, whaur monie fowk flittit tae ceeties an wrocht in factories, wis an aerlie focus o sociologie. Karl Marx, Max Weber an Emile Durkheim wis kenspeckle in the studie o social phenomena. Themes includit: communitie, authoritie, status, “alienation” (isolation) an want o pouer.

In the 2000s, sociologie leuks tae sic things as: race, ethnicitie, cless, gender, the faimilie an social interaction. It studies the brakdoun o social structurs; crime an divorce an aw. Mair oot ower sociologie can be seen as the studie o the warld-wide societie. A societie is the communitie o fowk that leeves in a parteecular kintra or region an haes skared customs, laws, an organisations.

Whit daes sociologists dae?[eedit | eedit soorce]

Sociologists researches the structurs that organizes societie, sic as race, gender (whither a bodie is a mannie or wifie), an social clesses (rich or puir). Thay studie the faimilie an examine problems sic as crime an drog misuiss.

Maist sociologists wirks in ane or mair speicialized airts or "sub-fields". Sociologie inhauds monie sub-fields that examines the different aspects o societie. For example, social stratifeecation studies inequalitie an cless structur in societie. The field o demographie studies chynges in a population size or kynd. The field o creeminologie examines creeminal behaviour an crime. Poleetical sociologie studies govrenment an laws. Sociologie o race an sociologie o gender examines whit wey fowk thinks anent race an gender.

Monie sociologists daes research ootby the varsities an aw. Thair research helps teachers, lawmakkers, an govrenment admeenistrators tae mak better institutions, govrenment programmes, an rules.

Sociologists aften uises stateestics for tae coont an meisur paitrens in whit wey fowk acts or behaves. Sociologists interviews fowk or hauds group discussions for tae find oot why fowk behaves in certaint weys. Some sociologists combines different research methods.

Historie o sociologie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Social analysis haes been duin sin the time o Plato, an auncient Greek philosopher. Sociologie becam a kin o science in the aerlie 1800s. European ceeties wis chyngin as monie fowk flittit tae the ceeties an begoud tae wirk in factories. Sociologists ettelt tae unnerstaund whit wey fowk interactit an whit wey groups interactit.

The wird sociologie wis cleckit bi a French positivist thinker cried Auguste Comte in 1838. Aerlie 1900s thinkers that wrate aboot sociologie includit Karl Marx an Max Weber.

Sociologie wis teached at a varsitie for the first time at the Varsitie o Kansas in 1890. The first European depairtment o sociologie wis foondit in 1895 at the Varsitie o Bordeaux bi Émile Durkheim. The first sociologie depairtment tae be staiblished in Breetain wis at the London School of Economics and Political Science in 1904. In 1919 a sociologie depairtment wis staiblished in Germanie at the Ludwig Maximilians Varsitie o Munich bi Max Weber.

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