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Airchaeologie (frae the Greek wirds αρχαίος = auncient an λόγος = wird/speak/discoorse) is the study o human culturs throu the findin, documention an analysis o maiteral, the orts o human dealins an environmental data, includin architectur, airtefacts, biofacts, human wate, an laundscapes. Airchaeologists studies airtefacts, that's onything shawin signs o human uiss or modifeecation. Thay are concerned wi aw members o the genus Homo.

The ettle o airchaeologie is tae document an expoond the springheid an oncome o human cultur, unnerstaund cultur historie, chronicle cultural evolution, an study human laits an ecologie. It is the ae discipline that possesses the gate an theory for the collectin an interpretation o information aboot pre-written human history, an coud mak a creetical contreebution tae wir unnerstaundin o documentit societies an aw.