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Weirless or Radio is a communications invention uisin electromagnetic waws for tae get electronic information frae ae place tae anither athoot weirs. A transmitter sends the seegnals that's turnt intae soonds bi a receiver. The device is aften cried a "radio". It wis oreeginally uised for tae communicate atween twa fowks, but they nou uise it for tae listen tae muisic, news an collogue.

Radio programmes is transmittit ower fower frequencies: AM, FM, short waw and langwaw an aiblins ithers forby.

Italy's Guglielmo Marconi inventit the radio in the 1890s.

Radio programmes is aften transmittit throu stations.

A speicial type o radio braidcastin is satellite radio; examples o sic stations includes XM an Sirius.

The auld wey o braidcastin haes syne been renamed terrestrial radio.

Fremmit airtins

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