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A stane waw hainin a ceety.

A waw is a vertical sinderin surface. It sinders space in biggins intae rooms or pertects or picturs a space in the appen air. It is for ordinar makkit oot o stane or brick. Waws hae twa main ettles: tae haud up the tap pairt o biggins, an for tae sinder space, giein pertection frae invasion an wather.

Afore artillery wis cleckit, mony ceeties in Europe haed pertective waws. Sin thay arena suitable for defence ony mair, the waws hae been connacht.

Kynds o waw[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Dyke - A stane or truf waw (truf dyke), whiles rarely a hedge.
  • Hallan - A ben waw or pairple aften makkin a entry or passage

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