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Chess gemme

A gemme is a structurt or semi-structurt acteevity, for ordinar unnertaen for enjoyment an whiles uised as an eddicational tuil.[1] (The term "gemme" is uised for tae descrieve simulation o sindry acteevities e.g., for the purposes o trainin, analysis or predeection, etc. Gemmes is for ordinar distinct frae wark that's for ordinar cairiet oot for remuneration, an frae airt that's mair adae wi the expression o thochts. Housomeiver, the disteenction isna clear-cut, an mony gemmes micht be conseedered wark an/or airt an aw. Key components o gemmes is dales, rules, chailenge, an interacteevity. Gemmes for ordinar involves mental or pheesical stimulation, an aften baith. Mony gemmes helps upbig practical skeels, sers as a form o exercise, or itherwice performs an eddicational, simulational or psychological role.


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