Climate crisis

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Google trends data shaws at, fallaein the 2006 release o Al Gore's film, An Inconvenient Truth, sairches fur the tairm climate crisis fillt up, wi a resurgence beginnin in late 2018. Forby graphed: sairches fur the tairm climate sair fit.

Climate crisis is a tairm describin global warmin an climate chynge, an thair eftercasts. This tairm an the term climate sair fit hes been uised fur tae describe the threit o global warmin tae Jock Tamson's bairns an the planet Yird we need fur tae survive, an fur tae threap at strang climate chynge mitigaution an "transformautional" adaptaution. I the scientific journal BioScience, a Januar 2020 airticle, soudert by ower 11,000 scientist athort the warld, statit at "the climate crisis hes arrived" an at a "wandeimous eik o scale in endaivours fur tae hain wir biosphere is needit fur tae evit wantelt dool due tae the climate crisis."

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