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Communication is the process o exchyngin thochts an wittins. The maist common forms o communications includes:

Talkin tae freends, readin a beuk, or huggin your loved anes is semple forms o communication.

Telephones (phone caws), computers (internet an email), radio an televeesion is some examples o communicating uisin technology.

Naitural communication is whan ony type o ainimal communicates wi ilk ither. They tell ilk ither whan they are ready tae mate, whaur they are (if they are tint), an whan it's time tae migrate tae a wairmer climate. They can tell the difference whan a male or female is leukin for a mate, whan there is danger, an whan a mither is cawin tae her babby. Ainimals dinna juist caw tae ilk ither, they lea' scent merks aboot their territory for tae tell ither ainimals that it's theirs. The leader o the group for ordinar lea's its scent merks for tae shaw that they are the leader.