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A man and a woman performing a modern dance.

Dance (frae auld French danser, faurder history isna kent) for ordinar refers tae human muivement aither uised as a furm o expression or presentit in a social, speeritual or performance settin.

Dance is uised tae descrive methods o nane-verbal communication atween humans or ainimals an aw (bee dance, matin dance), motion in inanimate objects (the leafs danced in the wind), an certain muisical furms or genres. Fowk that dances is cawed dancers an the act o dance is kent as dancin. An event whaur dancin taks place micht be cawed a dance. Choreographie is the airt o makkin dances.

Defineetions o whit constitutes dance lippens on social, cultural, aesthetic airteestic an moral constraints an reenges frae functional muivement (sic as Folk dance) tae codifee'd, virtuoso techniques sic as ballet. In sports, gymnastics, feegur skatin an synchronized soumin conteens dance disciplines while Martial airts 'Kata' is aften compeared wi dances.