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Cherry Island (Loch Ness)

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Cherry Island by Des Colhoun

Cherry Island (Scots Gaelic: Eilean Muireach, meanin Murdoch's Island) is the ainly island in Loch Ness, Hieland, Scotland, an is a ensaumple o a crannog.[1] The island is aboot 140 m frae the shore near the soothren end o the loch. The island wis oreeginally 49 m by 51 m endlang, but is the nou smawer syne the level o the loch wis raised whan it becam pairt o the Caledonian Canaul.[1] The heeze in the level o the loch caused a smawer naitural island near aboots Eilean Nan Con[2] (forby kent in its Englifee'd form o "Dog Island"), tae be halely fluidit.

A castle stuid on the island upon the 15th century; this wis biggit o stane an aik wid an wis maist like yuised as a fortifee'd bield. It haes been suggestit that Eilean Muireach micht hae been a huntin ludge, wi Eilean Nan Con the hame for the huntin dugs.[1]

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