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Loch Ness Monster (ilepentin) bi Heikenwaelder Hugo

The Loch Ness Monster, bytimes cried "Nessie" or "Ness" (Scottish Gaelic: Niseag) is a craitur or curn craiturs said tae stey in Loch Ness, a howe caller watter loch naur the ceety o Innerness in northren Scotland. Nessie is aften thocht tae be a muckle kelpie.

Alang wi Bigfit an the Yeti/Abominable Snawman, Nessie is ane o the maist-kent meesteries in cryptozoologie thou maist mainstream scientists an ither profites find praisent evident stuitin Nessie unpersuasive an regaird sic sichtins as rises or misidentification o mundane craiturs.

Some fowk says that Nessie is an aquatic deenosaur frae the auld time. Ithers says it's a submarine, or a stray log, or ither benign object.