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Brig Street, Strichen, shawin the distinctive Toun Hoose
Strichen is located in Scotland
Location within Scotland
Population1,020 [1] (Aiberdeenshire Cooncil)
OS grid referenceNJ946551
Cooncil area
Lieutenancy area
  • Aberdeenshire
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Postcode destrictAB43
EU PairlamentScotland
UK Pairlament
Scots Pairlament
Leet o places
57°35′11″N 2°05′25″W / 57.5865°N 2.0904°W / 57.5865; -2.0904Coordinates: 57°35′11″N 2°05′25″W / 57.5865°N 2.0904°W / 57.5865; -2.0904

Strichen is a smaw village in Aiberdeenshire, Scotland. It sits on the A981, connectin it tae New Deer, 7.2 mile tae the soothwast, an the Broch, 8 mile tae the nor'-nor'east, an the B9093, connectin it tae Cyaak aboot 4 mile tae the wast. The village taks its name fae Laird Strachen. It is locatit on the River Ugie at the fithill o Mormond Hill. The Strichen White Horse is makit o quartz on Mormond Hill, some 1,500 metre nor'east o Strichen.[2]


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There is muckle evidents o airly man bidin in an aroon Strichen. Strichen Stane Circle can be fand near Strichen Hoose on publicly aiccessible laund. Cairn Catto an a nummer o tumuli lie forder sooth.[3]

There ar mony listit biggins inwith the village.[4] The maist significant is the category A listit Toun Hoose biggit tae a design bi Aiberdeen airchitecht John Smith in 1816. It is descrieved bi Historic Scotland as an "excellent example of an early 19th century castellated Town House".[5]

Strichen Hoose, designt in 1821 bi John Smith as weel, wis peyed fur bi Thomas Fraser, 12t Laird Lovat.[6][7] It fawen intae ruin in 1954.

Strichen Schuil wis designed bi Aiberdeen airchitect Robert Gordon Wilson in 1873.[8]

Notable fowk

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Scotland's umwhile First Meenister Rt Hon Alex Salmond bides in a converted mill in the village wi his wife Moira.[9][10]

Author an screenscriever Lorna Moon wis born in Strichen in 1886. Her 1925 quair o short stories Doorways in Drumorty wis scrieved when she bided in Hollywood an is based on her mindins o Strichen. Her 1929 novelle Dark Star featurs scenes o Strichen an Aiberdeenshire as weel.[11]

Serial killer Dennis Nilsen spent pairt o his bairnhood in Strichen.[12]

The bacteriologist Robert Cruickshank FRSE wis born here.[13]


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