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This airticle is aboot the neebourheid in Los Angeles. For information aboot the American film industry, see Cinema o the Unitit States. For other uses, see Hollywood (disambiguation).
Neebourheid o Los Angeles
The Four Ladies installationat the Hollywood Boulevard–La Brea Avenue Gateway
The Four Ladies installation
at the Hollywood Boulevard
La Brea Avenue Gateway
Nickname(s): Tinseltown[1][2]
Map o the Hollywood neebourheid o Los Angeles,as delineatit bi the Los Angeles Times
Map o the Hollywood neebourheid o Los Angeles,
as delineatit bi the Los Angeles Times
Hollywood is locatit in Los Angeles
Location athin Central Los Angeles
Coordinates: 34°6′0″N 118°20′0″W / 34.10000°N 118.33333°W / 34.10000; -118.33333

Hollywood (/ˈhɒliwʊd/ HOL-ee-wuud, informally Tinseltown[2]) is a neebourheid in the central region o Los Angeles, Californie. The neebourheid is notable for its place as the hame o the U.S. film industry, includin several o its historic studios. Its name haes come tae be a metonym for the motion pictur industry o the Unitit States. Hollywood is a heichly ethnically diverse, densely populatit, economically diverse neebourheid an retail business destrict an aw.

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Coordinates: 34°06′N 118°20′W / 34.100°N 118.333°W / 34.100; -118.333