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Tarland (Scots Gaelic: Turlann) is a veelage in Aiberdeenshire, Scotland an is locatit five mile northwast o Abyne, an 30 mile wast o Aiberdeen. Population 540 (2004).

Tarland is hame tae the Culsh Earth House, an Iron Age belaw-grund dwellin that itherwise kent as a Souterrain. Souterrains wur uised tae store fuid an the Culsh Earth House probably servit as a commonty cellar.

Tomnaverie Stane Circle

Juist sooth o Tarland is the Tomnaverie Stane Circle, a 4000-year-auld recumbent stane circle. The laund is awned bi the MacRobert Trust an in the care o Historic Scotland. The circle wis recently restored wi help frae a donation bi the trust.

Melgum Lodge near Tarland wis oreeginally built as a huntin lodge for the pheesician tae Queen Victoria who frequently stayed in the vicinity at Balmoral Castle.

Tarland kirk (Scots Gaelic: Cill Mo Luaig) commemorates Mo Luag, a saunt mair aften associatit wi the wast coast.

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Coordinates: 57°08′N 2°52′W / 57.133°N 2.867°W / 57.133; -2.867