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Airn Age

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(Reguidit frae Iron Age)
Dun Carloway broch, Lewis, Scotland

In airchaeology, the Airn Age (or Airn Eild) wis the stage in the oncome o ony fowk that's tuils an wappens main ingredient wis airn wis foremaist. The adoption o this material coincided wi ither chynges in some past societies aften includin differin aigricultural pratticks, religious beliefs an airtistic styles, awtho this wisna aye the case.

The Airn Age is the last principal period in the three-age seestem for tae clessifee pre-historic societies, comin afore the Bronze Age an efter the Stane Age. Its date an context varies dependin on the kintra or geographical region.

Technological an social state o the warld, aboot 1000 BC, shawin widespreid Bronze Age technology an the innin o the Airn Age in some airts.


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Airn-wirkin emergit in Britain aroon 800 BC. This happened cause bronze's heid ingredients ae capper and tin were in short supply, whereas airn is foond all oer the shop. The collapse ae the Bronze Age saw the collapse ae the elitist trading networks, as local fowk could jist uise their ain local supplies of airn. Indeed, Bronze Age heidbummers may hae deliberately tried tae suppress the new technologie on account of its socioeconomic impacts.

The Airn Age wis followed by the Norse/Viking Age, the Roman Age and the Early Medieval in different perts ae the kintra.