Stane Age

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A stane that's been shairpit tae be uised as a tuil
A body in the Stane Age uisin a stane tae hack a a tree doon

The Stane Age (or Stane Eild) wis an aincient time whan fowk wis makkin tuils frae stane. Wid, banes an ither stuff wis uised for tuils an aw, bit stane (specially a kynd o stane cawed keezle-stane) was uised tae cut things.

The time began wi the first stane tuils. Some scientists think this happent atween 2 and 5 meellion year aby. The dates for this event wis mibbes no the same ilka place, an is no aye greed upon, acause thae fowk didnae write ony records. They killt animals for fuid and claes an aw.

The time efter the stane age is the Bronze Age, named efter the metal bronze. The stane age endit whan fowk foond oot whit wey tae mak things oot o metal, cried smeltin. The first metal was copper, follaed bi bronze. Fowk likely began uisin bronze steid o juist stane in the Middle East sometime atween 3000 an 2000 BC.

The Stane Age is dividit bi airchaeologists (fowk wha studies relics) intae three sections: Paleolithic ("auld stane"), Mesolithic ("mid stane") an Neolithic ("new stane"). Pottery wis inventit durin the Neolithic Stane Age.