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Enterin Lumphanan frae the north on the A980 road

Lumphanan (/lʌmˈfænən/ lum-FAN-ən; Scots Gaelic: Lann Fhìonain) is a veelage in Aiberdeenshire, Scotland locatit 25 mile frae Aiberdeen an 10 mile frae Banchory. Thare is ane pub in the veelage cried "The MacBeth Arms", thare wis anither bar (a umwhile hotel) locatit three mile frae the veelage centre namit "The Crossroads Hotel". Kent in the local aurie as "The Cross" this closed in 2011.

Lumphanan is documentit tae be the steid o the Battle o Lumphanan o 1057, whaur Malcolm III o Scotland defeatit Macbeth o Scotland. Macbeth wis mortally woondit on the north side o the Mounth in 1057, efter retreatin wi his men ower the Cairnamounth Pass tae tak his last staund at the battle at Lumphanan.[1] The Prophecy of Berchán haes it that he wis woondit at Lumphanan an dee'd at Scuin, saxty mile tae the sooth, some days later.[2] Mac Bethad's stepson Lulach mac Gille Coemgáin wis instawed as king suin efter. The nearbi Peel o Lumphanan wis built in the early 13t century, an is a guid survivin example o a yirdwirk castle.[3]

The ruins o Corse Castle, the auncient seat o the Forbes faimily, staund some three mile tae the north.

Alang wi a short, but challengin, nine hole gowf course, Lumphanan haes a recently refurbished multi sports court maintained bi the Lumphanan Community Recreation Association (LCRA) an aw. Furthermair thare is a flood lit sports trainin aurie situatit in the lairge play pairk, which is available for uise bi request. Lumphanan's simmer league fitbaa team are elk-namit "The Wildcats".

The LCRA members organise Scotland's first 10 km run o the year an aw, kent as the "Detox", that haes been runnin syne 2004 on 2 Januar. The race stairts an feenishes in Lumphanan, but the mainly road route passes throu the local kintraside includin a hill climb oot o the veelage at the stairt an a section o ferm track runnin next tae the auld Deeside Railway Line.

The primar schuil haes recently been extendit.

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