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Map o Scotland showin the present-day committee area o Marr

Marr (Scots Gaelic: Màrr) is ane o sax committee areas in Aiberdeenshire, Scotland. It haes a population o 34,038 (2001 Census). Someone frae Marr is cried a Màrnach in Scots Gaelic.

Tae the wast, the muntain environs o the Cairngorms Naitional Pairk sustains a well-developit tourist industry based on heritage an ootdoor pursuits. Forestry an livestock fermin are key industries, pairticularly in remoter areas. Pairt o the area haes qualifee'd for EU financial assistance.

The committee area consists o three wairds o Aberdeenshire cooncil:

  • Aboyne, Upper Deeside an Donside
  • Banchory an Mid-Deeside
  • Huntly, Strathbogie an Aaford[1]

Atween thaim the three wairds elect 10 cooncillors tae the saxty-aicht member cooncil.[2]

Historic destrict

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Map o Scotland showin the historic destrict o Marr

Marr is namit efter Mar, ane o the historic destricts o Scotland, extendin frae north o the Don soothwaird tae the Mounth. Lik ither sic destricts, it wis unner the rule o a mormaer in the Middle Ages. In the 12t century an earl (the Earl o Mar) teuk his place, but nae definite succession o earls appears till the 13t century, nor is ony connection established atween thaim an the mormaers.

In the eleivent century Malcolm III introducit the office o sheriff tae Scotland. He an his successors Edgar, Alexander I an in pairticular David I dividit the kintra intae sheriffdoms or shires.[3] Marr formit the lairger portion o the shire o Aiberdeen, which, as Aberdeenshire, in time became ane o the coonties o Scotland.[4]


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