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For the toun in Wast Lowden, see Blackburn, Wast Lowden.
For ither uises, see Blackburn (disambiguation).
Blackburn (Aiberdeenshire)
Blackburn (Aiberdeenshire) is locatit in Aiberdeen
Blackburn (Aiberdeenshire)
Blackburn (Aiberdeenshire)
Blackburn (Aiberdeenshire) shawn within Aberdeenshire
Population 1,386 (2001).[1](2,540 Mid-2008 Estimate)
OS grid reference NJ826127
Cooncil aurie
Kintra Scotland
Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Post toun ABERDEEN
Postcode destrict AB21
Diallin code 01224 79
Polis Scots
Fire Scots
Ambulance Scots
EU Pairlament Scotland
List of places
57°12′19″N 2°17′20″W / 57.205283°N 2.288903°W / 57.205283; -2.288903Coordinates: 57°12′19″N 2°17′20″W / 57.205283°N 2.288903°W / 57.205283; -2.288903

Blackburn is a rapidly growin commuter toun juist northwast o Aiberdeen, Scotland, an is situatit in Aiberdeenshire. It haes an industrial estate. It haes a sma primary schuil an a £5 million community haw which wis publicly opened bi the Princess Ryal in 2005.

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