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Coordinates: 57°17′N 2°23′W / 57.28°N 2.38°W / 57.28; -2.38

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Inverurie (Scots Gaelic: Inbhir Uraidh) is a Ryal Burgh in Aiberdeenshire, Scotland, aboot 16 mile nor'wast o Aiberdeen on the A96 road an lees on the "Northern Express Railway Route" frae Aiberdeen tae Innerness. The maist naurhaund airport is Aiberdeen International Airport at Dyce.

Geography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Inverurie sits in Strathdon at the centre o Aiberdeenshire. The toun straddles the River Don an the River Ury, is surroundit by farmland an anerly fower mile frae the imposin mountain o Bennachie. The toun centre, although tae call it that would be a mistake as it actually leis much mair tae the east side o the toun due tae recent burgeonin growth on the wast, is slightly triangular an is dominatit by the grand "Toun Hall" built in the late 1800s. In the middle o the "square" (as it is kent locally) is the Inverurie War Memorial cappit by a lone Gordon Highlander lookin oot over the toun. The main shoppin areas include the "Square" an wast High Street which stems aff frae the centre towards the mair residential part o the toun, although recently, with the development o "oot o toun" retail parks an supermarkets, these streets have become less busy. The part o the toun sooth o the Don is actually cried Port Elphinstone it is however common tae hear the title "Inverurie" uissed tae refer tae both Inverurie an Port Elphinstone as a single toun.

Wird beginnins[eedit | eedit soorce]

The wird "Inverurie" comes frae the Scots Gaelic Inbhir Uraidh meanin "Mooth o the Ury" after the river which joins the Don just sooth o the toun.

It wis commonly spelt "Inverury" until the late 1800s when, it is allegit, it wis altert tae avoid confusion with Inveraray in Argyll, on the sooth wast coast o Scotland because it wis felt that "a" an "u" were particularly hard tae distinguish in handwritten addresses.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Inverurie is said tae have been foundit by David o Huntingdon, Earl o the Garioch, brother o Malcolm IV, great-great-grandfather o Robert the Bruce wha defeatit the Comyns nearby at the Battle o Barra on Christmas Eve 1307.

Its religious foundation pre-dates this by five centuries with the establishment o the Kirk o Inverurie now known as St Andrew's Parish Kirk [1]

However, the toun's earliest kent charter dates frae 1558, with its modern development takin place after the biggin o the Aiberdeenshire Canal linkin Port Elphinstone with Aiberdeen Harbour in 1806. The Inverurie Locomotive Works (1905-1969) led tae a modest increase in size an prosperity, but it wis not until the "Oil Boom" o the last quarter o the 20th century that the toun developt into much o its present form.

The nearby Easter Aquorthies an the stone circle at Newseat recumbent stone circle are fine examples o the rich history o the North East o Scotland, ancient monuments datin back tae the 3rd Millennium BC. There have been three well kent battles in the toun: The Battle o Inverurie (1308), the Battle o Harlaw (24 July 1411) between Donald o Islay, Laird o the Isles (MacDonald) an an army commandit by Alexander Stewart, Earl o Mar; an the Battle o Inverurie (1745) durin the Jacobite Rebellion o that year.

Industry[eedit | eedit soorce]

Inverurie is a thrivin market toun, now with a monthly Farmer's Market, with mony small shops, businesses an services. Its main industries other than service an commerce are agriculture, oil an paper manufacture. Agriculture continues tae be a mainstay o Inverurie's economy, as it has done since the toun's inception. Thainstone Mart, tae the sooth east o the toun, is the biggest livestock market in Scotland, an rents oot commercial units tae various agricultural support services. Leein beside Thainstone Mart, the paper mill is also a big employer.

Followin the discovery o North Sea oil in the mid 1970s, several oil service companies appeart in Inverurie. Mony residents wha wark in this sector dae sae on affshore oil installations in the North Sea on a "twa week on- twa week aff - or four week on, or six week on" basis in addition tae those wha wark in the toun itself.

In recent years, Inverurie has also seen increasin numbers o Aiberdeen commuters gangin tae live there makin it "the fastest growin toun in Great Britain".

Language[eedit | eedit soorce]

Inverurie natives speak the Aiberdeenshire Doric dialect o Scots.

Inverurie Doric has become weaker in recent years due tae an influx o residents frae Ingland an central Scotland tae the area, an the state curriculum, yet it has survived. The Doric Festival which is held in Inverurie every October, helps tae promote an keep alive this part o the North East identity, however, the range o the Doric vocabulary in Inverurie is mair limited than in the mair rural parts o Aiberdeenshire.

Historically, Pictish is the ancient language o the area, which can be found in mony placenames. It appears tae have been a Brythonic language. The Book o Deer originates frae a few miles tae the north east.

Sports[eedit | eedit soorce]

Inverurie Loco Works F.C., playin their matches at Harlaw Park, are the local Highland League football team an Aiberdeen F.C. is the nearest Scots Premier League team. Rugby Union is played by the Garioch Rugby Football Club.

Inverurie is an' a' a member o the Aiberdeenshire Cricket Association.

Umshile Warld Squash Number Ane Peter Nicol, wis born in Inverurie.

Colony Park Fitbaa Club are the toun's juvenile team, an the lairgest juvenile club in Scotland wi ower 400 members haein been foundit bi Dod Reid, MBE, in 1978.

Education[eedit | eedit soorce]

There are fower primary schools, ane seicontary school an ane Special School athin Inverurie:

  • Inverurie Market Place School[2]
  • Kellands School[3]
  • Port Elphinstone School[4]
  • Strathburn School[5]
  • Inverurie Academy[6]
  • St Andrews School