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Coordinates: 57°12′43″N 5°37′26″W / 57.212°N 5.624°W / 57.212; -5.624

Glenelg, with village shop at left

Glenelg is a scattered community area an civil parish in the Lochalsh area o the hielands in Wastren Scotland. Despite the local government reorganisation the area is considered by mony aye tae be in Inverness-shire, the boundary wi Ross-shire (where the post toun o Kyle's o Lochalsh is situated) bein at the tap o Mam Ratagan ("Ratagan Gap" or "pass") the single track road entry intae Glenelg.[1] The name is unco in that is a palindrome.

Sandaig and Camusfeàrna[eedit | eedit soorce]

The author Gavin Maxwell's retreat at Sandaig (which he cried Camusfeàrna, "the bay o the alders", in his book Ring of Bright Water) is in the Glenelg community area aroond sax mile sooth o Kirkton o Glenelg. The hoose hud previously bin a smallholding an hame fur the part-time lighthouse keeper o the Sandaig Lighthouse

View of "Camusfearna" Bay

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