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St Aundraes

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St Aundraes frae St Rules Tour

Saunt Aundraes (Inglis: Saint Andrews, Scots Gaelic: Cill Rìmhinn[1]) is a toun that haes its name frae Saunt Andra an is an umwhyl ryal burgh in the eist nuik o Fife, Scotland. It haes a population o aboot 18 000, an stauns on the coast o the German Ocean atwein Edinburgh an Dundee. It is hame ti Scotland's auldest varsitie, the Varsity o Saunt Aundraes.

The toun is aften cried the "hame o gowf" for twa raisons. Firstlins, the Ryal an Auntient Gowf Club, foondit in 1754, haes owerins ower the gemm warldwyd binna in the Unitit States an Mexico. Seicont, the bonnie links (gain'd bi the toun in 1894) is the maist aft-bruikit venue for The Apen Championship, the auldest o gowf's fower mukkil championships.

Veisitors cums ti St Aundraes in gret nummers for the seivral coorses rankit amang the fynest in the warld, an for the saundie strands anaw.


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St Aundraes cathedral ruins
St Rule's tour

The Cathedral o St Aundraes wis at ae tym Scotland's mukkilest biggin. It was foondit bi Bishop Robert (1122 - 1159). It wisna completit an consecratit till 1318 in the ring o Robert the Bruce (1306-29).

St Rule's Tour

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St Rule's tour stauns in the Cathedral grunds but is aulder nor the cathedral. It wis aiblins pairt o the Cathedral up til the early 12t yeirhunder.

St Andras Varsitie clessics biggin

The ruins o St Aundraes Castil stauns on a rock at the sie. It is sayd that Bishop Roger biggit the first stane castil on the steid aboot the stairt o the 13t yeirhunder as an episcopal hame.

The Varsitie o St Aundraes

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The Varsity o Saunt Aundraes aucht its springheid til a societie shapit in 1410 bi Lawrence o Lindores, abbot o Scone an a pukkil ithers.

The Varsitie buikhouss that nou inhauds the aulder college buikhouses, wis foundit aboot the middil o the 17t yeirhunder, rebiggit in 1764, an improved in 1829 an 1889 - 1890.

The modren biggins, in the Jacobean styl, wis pit-up atwein 1827 an 1847. Varsitie College, Dundee, becam in 1890 affiliate til the Varsitie o St Andras.

Coordinates: 56°20′20″N 2°47′56″W / 56.3389°N 2.7989°W / 56.3389; -2.7989

  1. Sib tae "Kilrymont" an auld name fur the toun.